Yes, we'll fix it.

Tablets, cellphones, TVs and computers: pretty much, if it’s an electronic doo-dad, we’ll take a peek and see what we can do.

Free Diagnostics!

All repairs in the shop are assessed upon check in. We run tests on the hardware (hard drive, RAM, etc.) and then generate an estimate for the costs. Diagnostics are always free and once we confirm the estimate we complete the repair.

Small Businesses & Home Users!

Whatever your environment, be it a single home computer or a large buisness network, we’re able to help. We provide support on site, by phone or email, and at our shop in downtown Bridgewater. Whatever your network environment, whatever broken-thing is haunting you, we can help and get you going again.

Computer Repair

Computers break down for any number of reasons: viruses and malware; hardware failure-- be it the hard drive or RAM; accidental damage-- a cracked LCD or coffee spilt across your keyboard. Whatever is going on, we can likely fix it or guide you toward a solution.

Phones & Tablets

You dropped it. It fell. We get it, it's broken and life is terrible. We specialize in iPhone and iPad repairs, but any mobile device is worth looking at. We assess individually, get you a price for the cost of the repair, and get you going again.

Custom Software Development
We develop and maintain software solutions for your in house or at scale projects on the desktop, mobile app and web!
Free Diagnostics

We've said it once, we'll say it a thousand times: diagnostics are always free. We aren't here to hold your personal data hostage, or charge you an exorbitant amount. Our prices are competitive and you're only billed once you approve of the project cost.

We Fix The Weird Stuff
In addition to run of the mill computer repair, we offer soldering repairs, 3D printing, web design,
graphic design, TV repair and if the thing is broken, we will definitely look at the thing.



We've been in downtown Bridgewater since 2007-- 9 years!-- and our business owner has been managing computer networks since the precocious age of 14. We're experienced, reliable, and most importantly: we aren't going anywhere.


Repair turn time averages 1-2 business days, with the exception of repairs where part-ordering is involved-- but our turn time is fast and as soon as we confirm the nature of your repair, we'll be able to estimate when you can expect it to be completed. 

Cost Effective

Between free diagnostics and fast turn time, our prices are competitive, and we bill by project-- not by hour-- and you get that estimate up front. All of our work is covered by a warranty, virus removals included in that, so if something does manage to go wrong we'll stand by it and make it right.


No matter the size or scale of your business, we can assist in improving your office's workflow, productivity and security by implementing the best software and hardware solutions for your organization.


Located in downtown Bridgewater, MA we are a small computer repair & networking company. We fix almost everything, and diagnostics are always free so it doesn’t hurt to have us take a peek. We also service 40+ companies across Massachusetts to ensure all of their gizmos are working as they ought to.


Folks have been nice enough to write us some kind reviews!

I needed a boost with my laptop and brought my computer to Central Square Computer Repair. Chris and his team over-delivered with the entire process. The price was extremely reasonable and the repairs were completed in a timely manner. I had given clear expectations of what I hoped for when I brought my computer in and each expectation was met. I would highly recommend Central Square Computer Repair to anyone looking for quality and local work to be completed.

Kevin B.

5 star rating

I love this place! The woman that always answers the phone is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They have excellent hours. Often times they are still there past hours which makes it very convenient for pick-up/drop-off. I also find that the prices are very reasonable. I’ve had a couple of things done to my laptop and nothing has cost me over $100.They also have a yelp check-in discount (AWESOME!). The only downside is- parking can be tough in Bridgewater center, but if you plan to go when the area is less busy you’ll easily be able to find a parking spot. I also love that they complete the work quickly and guarantee their work with a warranty. I’m not very technologically savvy, so I’d be lost without these guys and gals.

Lynne B.

5 star rating

I brought in 3 different computers with 3 different repair needs to be worked on in the last 2 weeks .I am thrilled with the service and prices . one of the computers a laptop that had been misdiagnosed at Staples and sent back to me as needing to be sent out for repair of a broken fan ( turned out it just needed a major dust removal and is working perfectly now ) Very happy to have found this shop .

Susan D.

5 star rating

Thank you Kelsey at Central Square Computer! My Mac Pro was down and I assumed it was my hard drive. I also assumed there was no way to save all my pictures and important data on there. I was wrong! Kelsey is so great to work with and was able to recover everything!

Paul D.

5 star rating